To Do

  • From Twitter: 'Perl Best Practices' recommends always using /xms on regexes. /x to allow whitespace & comments, /m and /s to handle newlines as expected.
  • Add clickable link from the table of various CHECK options to display a color coded page of the history of matching stations.
  • rename to lupita - http://www.nytimes.com/1988/04/04/movies/and-these-little-piggies-went-to-hollywood.html
  • Add a POKE option
  • Fix lockup.
  • Save unknown packet in file once. Create a file weekly or ? so it will not just keep growing.
  • Save locally heard packets by station by day/week/month. By size? So the click on the 'packets' shows what was heard locally.
  • Publish Icons to directory in web file tree. Don't make the user or installer have to deal with it. Future - Fetch icons from the web service.
  • Learn and tell of other nodes
  • Fetch Equipment Types from web service
  • Create display as a templage - that can be edited on the web
  • build in a true messaging client. Both for use by the program and the user. Make it generic so it's a message server for others.
  • beacons
  • List status messages that don't display completely on D700 (710?)
  • Display as shown on any of the radios like 700, 710, 7, 72… Yeasu's?
  • Check out PERL IDE's
  • Record and save bytes processed
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