Bills Ham Radio lists

Ham Radio Bucket List - roughly in order of possible accomplishment

  • WAS from Western Washington. Maybe with some special mode and parameters like WSJT on 17 meters
  • DXCC - someday somehow. I'm behind even on my one new country every two years and that goal has other issues.
  • Manual CW Sending at 20 WPM - I passed 20WPM receive from the FCC but never sending. Would like to be able to send successfully to a computer decoder.
  • CW Receiving Proficiency Certificate at 25 WPM

Suggestions for Ham Radio in general

  • Double the bandwidth for unattended digital sections of HF bands
  • Move the computers to the unattended digital sections. If it's a transmission not initiated by a person pushing a button - it's a computer
  • No bandwidth restrictions in the unattended digital section. If there is 20 KHz available - let the computers use it all.
  • A new license class. Maybe 'Novice' or 'Operator'. No license exam - just an annual significant fee. Only allows access on 2 meters.
  • Bring back 5 WPM code requirement - sending and receiving - for Extra class.

Suggestions for ARRL

  • Support a full section of Khan Academy classes for Amateur Radio. Include both licensing and general Ham education.
  • Support fun techy videos like Just like (wink wink)
  • Make an emphasis on non-Internet technologies. As an example. DX spotting can be done with packet without Internet. So do without Internet - to encourage development of alternative tools.
  • Documents and meeting minutes should be named by date so they self sort in order in a computer folder.
  • Logging needs to be on-line and real time. To add to what can be done with LOTW.
  • Don't put so many SK announcements everywhere. There are too many. It's a downer.
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