Packet Plan 9

The Next Next Generation for Amateur Radio Packet


  • Old and slow - but incorrectly used
  • Face Book of Digital Ham Radio
  • Hard to use, not a clear picture
  • Old applications - not using modern computers like Smart Phones and Pads


  • Database (backend for Xastir 2)
  • Web User Interface
  • Template driven interface, D700, APRSDOS, UI-View


  • Common technology so will work on any platform


  • alpha testers running this month


  • SEATCP and NWAPRS are getting initial announcements, then a dedicated list
  • Any packet/APRS frequency - probably 223.6 @ 9k6 will be more exercise.


  • No Paths
  • Learning
  • Database and Data driven
  • UI will be web based and configurable by the user
  • Flood data and file transfer

General Concepts

  • Will use both Connected and Unconnected modes
  • + Smart - learn the best path to a station and use that. No flood paths to a single receiver. Learning is key!
  • Flood paths for information and data
  • Core server will use database technology. Record and learn what is heard on the air
  • User interface will be a web view - optimized for mobiles, pads or workstations
  • No station to station interaction by the web. User interface yes.
  • RF DX will be sought and tracked
  • Technology for exchanging files, either 1 to 1 or 1 to many will be one of the technologies.
  • Plugins and addons. Modular for expansion or optimization.


  • Data exchange - e.g. Callsign data, program updates, keps
  • Group messaging (convers, IRC)
  • One to one messaging
  • Email
  • NTP bulletins
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