Gl-Inet Router
  • Notes
    • uSD and serial pins are internal.
    • The MT300M use NOR flash. The older MT-300A uses Nand flash. NOR appears about 4x faster for writing but slower reading. NOR flash also consumes less power.
    • From Amazon - Confirmed that it tethers with an Android 6 and iPhone 6S smartphones. First, connect the smartphone to the GL-MT300A USB port using a recharging cable. The GL-MT300A takes almost two minutes to power up. Watch the smartphone's display for notificatons, such as a request to approve tethering to the GL-MT300A. Second, on your smartphone, turn on hotspot over USB. Third, connect your device's (notebook) WiFi to the GL-MT300A. Open a browser and navigate to the GL-MT300A's web GUI (default […]). Drill down to Settings->WAN settings->Teathering->Phone Device. The dropdown box should show eth0, eth1, USB0 depending on your smartphone. Select one of those. You should now have internet. The GL-MT300A seems capable of a maximum of 30Mbps to 50Mbps download and upload over WiFi. You can use the GL-MT300A's LAN port to connect to your device's Ethernet port. I was able to get up to 70Mbps using Ethernet. The limiting factor may be the speed of your smartphone bandwidth or your WiFi connection. I tested using a smartphone that gets 4G LTE at 150Mbps.
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