Icom 7100



  • KA0BBQ: You can have multiple repearter lists stored on the MicroSD Card, infact hundreds of them. What you want to do is save your current list first, then rename it to something meaningful to you like "Default", "Original", North America 1" etc. I always recommend before ever doing anything to your new ICOM Radio… save the factory default settings to a file and rename it "Default"… that way you can always return the radio to it's original out of the box settings. With the addition of so many new repeaters around the world you can't put everything in the radio… so you need to start making lists based on "Travel", "Home", "North America", "Europe" etc.
  • KF7RSF: the settings shown in the RMSE Help file for the 7100 work just fine.

First set the radio: Settings Menu » CONNECTORS:

USB Audio Squelch = OFF
ACC/USB Output Select =AF
ALL Levels set to 50%
repeat, ALL Levels set to 50%
CI-V = Address 88, speed 19200

In Windows Audio Mixer set Volume Level of USB Audio Codec to 100%, and make sure the internal computer soundcard is set as DEFAULT, not the USB Audio Codec. This ensures Windows beeps and chortles don’t go to the USB soundcard.

In WINMOR Session setup > WINMOR TNC Setup > Choose USB Audio Codec for in and out

Same menu Radio Setup Choose ICOM 7100, USB Digital, Address 88, Choose the correct serial port and speed of 19200, leave RTS and DTR checked, and for PTT again choose Icom 7100.

This will work fine. You might need to fine-tune the audio levels for ideal ALC control if you are really obsessive, but it will work as is.

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