Ham Mesh writeups

Write up on tunnels and why we do, and don't, want to use them.

  • Bluebox Mesh (BBHN and NW-MESH) brings
    • basic networking practice and experience
    • Ease of resource sharing and discovery/use
  • Problems and shortcomings of basic Mesh
    • blue boxes only have 30' range. Good for a home setup but that gets lonely
    • slow 1.5 MB xfer rate

Write up a basic Mesh example system

  • Three nodes - 2 radios is a link, 3 takes advantage of Mesh technology
    • Node 1 - WRT54GS (extra system memory) with uplink to internet
      • MESH GATEWAY checked here but not on the other two nodes.
      • Installed services
        • Standard NGIRCd
        • try other web based Ham chat and/or Meshchat
    • Node 2 - Remote camera server
    • Node 3 - Access point Server for WIFI users to connect to the Mesh systems
      • Plug an Access Point (AP) into one of the four LAN ports on the blue box
        • Configure the AP with SSID - "MESH ACCESS" and access control as desired
  • Other ideas for the mesh
    • All nodes running in DMZ mode so everything has a 10. address and there is no NAT networking.
    • Run everything from 12VDC and batteries. Use wallwarts only for chargers
    • Have a bigger server - like a Raspberry PI - as a system resource
      • FTP service to take uploads from camera
      • Metricom on serial or USB port, Yardstick 1,
      • High Power WIFI client to bring in network, cache it, filter it.

Write up a Mesh Users exercise - examples of what can be done

  • Connect to the MESH
    • Hard wire from an computer to one of the 4 LAN ports on any of the blue boxes
    • WIFI connect to the Access point - which is on a LAN port on one of the blue boxes
  • Browse the status pages
    • start with http://localnode:8080
      • If Mesh is on the Internet - the time will be correct. If not, the year will be 2000
    • web browse to the other boxes
  • Secure Shell login to the blue box
    • ssh -p 2222 root@localnode
  • Access the IRC server running on Node 1
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