Goal: New better Ham Radio MESH software with active user community

  • Part 15 Mesh with tunnels for education and communications
  • Part 97 (Ham) Mesh - channel -2 for range

Phase 1 - test drive BBHN Mesh and tunnels

  • get camera working
  • one mesh node as HamLAN OB
  • try other new Chat modes
    • Hamchat
    • Meshchat
  • tunnel to ?
    • local tunnel server. On Ubiquity bullet, rPI or WRT54GS
  • NGIRC on server and advertised

Phase 2 - Ubiquity radios on 2397 MHz aka WIFI channel -2

  • Ideas
    • Pure Ham Radio Part 97
    • Include open text null cipher SSH client and server
    • Include Ham Radio'ish, APRS'ish, beacon, chat and QSO on UI mode

Phase 3 - Release new NW-MESH16 software

  • Ideas
    • Support blue boxes and Ubiquity
    • Maintain support for non-M bullets even if it requires removing GUI
    • Make the Mesh GUI into a updatable software package


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