Raspberry PI SBC's

RPI Key Points

  • The system memory will be corrupt if you don't shut it down correctly, probably even if you are careful. Use an additional USB Drive for storage of anything that you don't want to lose. Also back up content elsewhere. Or with a big uSD, split it into multiple partitions.
  • RaspberryPiSetup - Setup Checklist

My Raspberry PI

Name Hardware Software Network Functionality Location Status
PI-01 berry B with 500 GB drive dev tools, CMake, CDash nwpHome builder Ornge Box Radio Room Running manually.
Needs automation, CDash display, ccache, more products
PI-02 cherry B BIND, BPQ Pkt Software SMC-static NET.43:22 backup web resources bookcase Media Room Static IP,
needs 12V battery, firewall,
BPQ needs updating
PI-03 creme B, drive? Ruby, Rails, CDash nwphome.27.102 B8:27:EB:B5 Experimental web resources computer pile garage LINES, miniblog
PI-04 apple B, 32G ultra SD, PI-Cam motion detection? nwphome 27.116 Montana house monitoring RR desk 10/16/15 fired up and updated firmware 5/18/17 fired up
PI-05 pumpkin B squid, dnsmasq nwphome.27.107 B8:27:xx:xx Network filter and cache, HSMM-PI PI Box DOWN
PI-06 lemon B+ 16 GB class 4 - NW_MESH 20e3c6 portable server Radio Room Desk APRS update at 6 minutes
PI-07 coco B, 8 GB uSD (aprshog, javaaprs) net1k:2207 Community APRS Server, Digi and iGate PI Box runs, loan de 7VBS
PI-08 pecan 15b01 B+ (144.39 TNC-PI, 12V battery) APRS Client Wifi Client APRS Just In Case Emergency the office Ordered with Straton.
Installed 4/12/15.
PI-09 jj 15d01 B2 32G Ultra uSD ( 40 30 20 RXTX or SkyPi ) ( WSPR, DIRE WOLF) LAN:2209 HF SDR PI Box Tigertronics USB interface
Try with FT817 to start.
PI-10 Humble 16a94 B+, 64 GB uSD - newdev B6:29:xx:xx ? - running, was $20 deal at Makerspace
PI-11 Linao 16e81 rpi 3, 64GB - - - Portable workstation with touch screen -
PI-12 Kampai 16f31 3, 64GB - - - Compass (g) Linux -
PI-13 ? 17d71 Asus Tinker - - - - Installed 5/19/2017
PI-14 ? 18xxx 3b+ - - - - first of a stack
PI-15 ? 18xxx 3b+ - - - - for Docker learning
PI-16 ? 19e11 3b - - - - For firewall learning?


  • Future PI names: floor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WsDtn-feuI, cutie-pi, cow-pi
  • Add GPS to coco and use as time source and GPSD. Coco is by the window so the GPS on a USB extension should have reasonable coverage.
  • 12V battery back on Cherry. This is the backup Internet server and needs the alternate power
  • Internet Cache and filter
  • IRC, Convers and Jabber servers running.

PI Models

  • A+ 11/2014 has 40 pins GPIO, uSD push-push, switching PS, better audio
  • B has 512 MB RAM, 700 MHz ARM, 2 USB ports, SD memory and Micro USB for power.
  • B+ has 4 USB ports, microSD card. B2 has 1024 MB RAM, and four 900 MHz CPU cores.
  • Pi Zero : half size of A+, 1GHz single core, 512 MB RAM mini HDMI, USB OTG uUSB power, composite video and reset headers

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