Raspberry PI Setup

Turning on a Raspberry PI

  1. Get The Parts
    • PI (local Bellevue source is Vetco)
    • Micro SD Memory Chip. Ultra for speed is better
    • Power Supply 5V 1A and USB micro (mini?) cable
    • Required only at Setup - Keyboard
    • Required only at Setup - Display - one of the following:
      • HDMI TV
      • Composite Monitor with 4 connector plug. Yellow and Red reversed from standard.
  2. Install OS on the memory chip
    • Get Image
    • Get Installer
    • Write Image to Chip
  3. Boot (to rerun configuration program: sudo raspi-config)
    • Expand memory
    • Set Hostname
    • Enable SSH
    • # Customize for US - for more info see https://rohankapoor.com/2012/04/americanizing-the-raspberry-pi/
    • Set Timezone - US/Pacific (sudo dpgk-reconfigure tzdata) (or America/LosAngeles?)
    • Americanize Keyboard - from en_GB.UTF-8 to en_US.UTF-8 - (sudo dpgk-reconfigure locales)
      • Or s/gb/us/ of XKBDLAYOUT in /etc/default/keyboard (and reboot)
  4. Update and Install Programs
    • Replace 'uk' entries in /etc/apt/sources.list with 'us'
    • apt-get install ntp screen tmux trafshow # more …
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