Ten Meters

Our Project

Many of us have unused single band 10 meter radios. Groundwave should work between some of us. Let's put the band and the radios to use. Should be able to use voice and experimental soundcard modes.


  • Will it work to run data and voice with a single frequency? Set the dial to 28.2995. Voice will be (legal) above 28.3 and se can run data around 400 HZ in the pass band that puts it below 28.3. Concern is that data is not allowed between 28.2 and 28.3. Nobody will notice but…

Band Allocation

  • 28.0-28.2 Data and CW
  • 28.2-28.3 CW and Beacons
  • 28.3-28.5 SSB for Techs
  • 29.5 AM calling channel
  • 29.6 FM calling channel

Uniden Present HR-2510

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