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The most amazing vintage computers I recall were the ones that students named Bill V and Kellee C built from scratch. > Those should be in a museum. > Out of curiosity do you still have yours?

I still have the case you built for me along with the 12 bits wide front panel of LED's and switches. I had been using it as a box for a SWTP SS-50 computer. The original slit-n-wrap TTL everything boards have been salvaged and maybe even discarded. I don't remember seeing them in decades.

I do want to rebuild it:

1. Build a software emulator
2. Wirewrap it so it does what it used to do in the silver box
3. Add a "coprocessor" like a rPI so it can do a lot more.

My plan for the Sphere is about the same. I have a 6800 emulator - so it should not be hard to add the 1K ROM and minimal CRT to have a model software Sphere.

Then wirewrap a real Sphere model. Just getting it running the Itty Bitty tiny basic would be a blast.

I have the original Sphere keyboard in the garage here and I believe Mike H. has the original CPU board. The Memory (16K) and interface boards were unfortunately discarded. I remember the day I put the memory board in the garbage can at the trailer park in Bozeman.

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