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I found on ebay a couple of ACASIS 3 Port OTG Hubs that can connect to my Winbook TW-700 micro USB charger/data port and they have a micro USB input for connecting my charger plus 3 X Normal size USB sockets (this is the HUB).

So this way I can power my WinBook and use 4 X USB Devices/Modems/MemorySticks/SoundCardInterfaces/Whatever at the same time. That is 3 connected at the ACASIS 3 Port OTG Hub and 1 connected at my WinBook's full size USB Socket, and charge/power my WinBook at the same time, provided I Have a 5V/2.5A PSU/Charger plus a special charging cable that has the DATA cables shorted otherwise only 500mAh will flow from the charger to the WinBook!

These little beasts (tablets) need a special charging cable with the DATA cables shorted, otherwise you cannot charge them and operate them at the same time!

Of course I've had a couple of cable only OTG (like a Y-cable) but they did not work.

de Demetre SV1UY

by Steven

Is it "necessary" to "register" or "activate" on a Winbook?

Not if it is the OEM load. OEM installs from major mfrs normally use a blanket activation scheme. If the machines BIOS firmware says the machine
is entiitled to this flavor of Windows, no further activation is required. If you rebuild the system from a RETAIL windows DVD, you WILL have to go through
the Windows activation/registration drill using the unique activation code on the holographic sticker somewhere on the device.

Have a 128Gb micro SD card coming for more storage.

The card is too big. The max size SD card supported by the Winbook is 64GB. No problem through. The total installed footprint of UIview, all plug-ins
and Precision Mapping 9.0 is only about 3.5GB.

I currently have FLdigi, UZ7HO Sound Modem, Digipan, mmSSTV, mmTTY, ChromaPix, UIview32, Precision Mapping 9.0, Delorme TopoUSA, and Microsoft MapPoint North America installed on a 32 GB card with about 5 GB left over.

My only main concern is Windows 8.1 will not bond appropriately to use an AP510 Bluetooth APRS transceiver nor will it work appropriately with a Mobilinkd TNC.

I have successfully paired with my TW700 WinBook: Various mice, the Logitech
480 multiple-device Bluetooth keyboard, an "iPazzport" mini keyboard/touchpad,
an amplified Bluetooth cordless stereo speaker "brick", and a Dual GPS-150
cordless Bluetooth GPS which shows up as a virtual COM port usable by UIview,
MapPoint, TopoUSA, Precision Mapping, etc.

It will depend entirely on whether the AP510 and Mobilinkd devices have Bluetooth profiles that accurately emulate standard serial COM ports.

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