UDR DV-Dongle



K7VE: Have you registered at a gateway as a D-STAR user yet?

You can see if you are registered at http://query.ke5bms.com/ if you are not listed then find a registration gateway via http://dstarusers.org/repeaters.php
Make sure your My Call is a registered callsign. http://www.dstarinfo.com/dstar-web-calculator.aspx

K7VE: The DV-Mega and DVAP (and soon the UDRX-440 for high power) all support or will support the dstarrepeater + ircddbgateway from G4KLX (or other software) providing the maximum linking capability for D-STAR.

You can also take an existing '9600 baud packet' capable radio (typically with a mini din-6 socket on the radio) and use various GMSK modems (DVRPT-V1, Moencomm, …), including the soon to be released UDRC to create access points.

KU0V: Ok - for the DV4Mini, as long as you have the correct firmware installed, there are 2 versions of software that run under windows - the normal DV4Mini software will let the radio control what reflector/xreflector you connect with where the other software DV4MF2 wont. As for raspberry pi, I have not tried the DV4Mini on it. I have a DVMega which plugs onto the raspberry pi which again works well. I use W6KD's Dstar Commander image and it allows the radio to control everything, even reboots and shutdowns. There are many ways to go with DStar but in my opinion, the DVMega on a raspberry pi is the best solution for no repeaters in the area. I just got the DV4Mini so I could play with C4FM with Yaesu's HT … . but I have used it with my ID-51a/ID-31a so that I know I have 2 backup systems. If you go with the DVMega, the single band is best for the lower cost and get it from the Netherlands - the guy who makes them - can't remember his name right off…….but good luck.

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