Wetnet Timeline


  • x-2004 Third Wednesday night at Mitzels in Kent
  • 1997 Saturday morning brunch moved to Milestone in Kirklands Totem Lake
  • x - Milestore shutdown. Brunch moved to Old Country Buffet across the street
  • x - Old Country Buffet shutdown - brunch moved to X in Alderwood
  • 6?/2013 - No WiFi - brunch moved to Jimmy Jacks in South Everett


  • Lost 146.98 IP LAN and 9k6 Mt Baldy data repeater
  • Wetnet server moved from X WISP to Isomedia thanks to Eric
  • Dennis made two 440 UHF flat panel antennas
  • WA7NWP fed 110 and X Lake Tapps lan with a tunnel to the X WISP and link to NG LAN on 440.825. Shut down 2003?
  • Lost access to the three cell phone sites
  • Past packets through 224.xx 1200 baud repeater
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