Winlink Email


My Next book is out for delivery so starting to think of what to do next…

*** Goal is to send Email tonight.. Should be possible thanks to USB
to Baofeng interface

With new nextbook…. (is it here yet? is it here yet?)

connect to WIFI via MESH AP

  • run updates -

add software to Next Book.

  • My common system tools:
    • mobaxterm (or putty and xming)
    • winscp
    • hexchat for IRC
    • ? for Jabber
  • Application (Ham Radio Email) specific tools

Radio Hardware

* Charge up one of the UV8r Baofengs
* USB-Soundcard Baofeng interface -
* Antenna ?
* Soundcard FOB wire up

On the air

* monitor APRS 144.390 for traffic (with UZ7HO)
* Use easy-term to manually connect to WLAP and send emails
* Run RMS-Express, configure, try email

Potential Local WLAP's… (

* w7efr-1 via w7efr-10 on 144.95 at Cougar Mtn
* k9jeb in Redmond on 145.67
* stretch: Mercer Island on 440.825 (1200) and 145.03
* 145.63 stations: w7efr-12, etc…
* RMS Express P2P on 145.010, WA7AUB, 1200b packet (reachable from SEA)
* Personal mailbox, WA7AUB-4 on 145.030, QPSK 3600b UZ7HO

Stretch Goals in near future.

* try to monitor 9600 APRS (145.550, 440.800) with UZ7HO High Speed
* Install BPQ32 as it brings additional local clients and services
* 64 G uSD from Costco - fill with software, John Denver videos, Taco Bell food pictures
* NGINX web server for Email, pictures etc.

Comments and notes

  • Q? Is that Nextbook in the picture running on 12V?

No, but power isn't a problem, I have an inverter in the car. I am thinking about getting one of the accessory kits though, maybe this one:

You will find the trackpad sucks, so a mouse is a good thing. The USB adapter cable is only needed if you use it as a tablet, the keyboard has the regular USB connector. You'll need a micro SD too if you want to keep a lot of stuff on it.

Probably need a dedicated Signalink for the car now too…..

It downloaded a big Win10 update yesterday, took a long time to install. One must be patient with these devices.


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